Wrong belief And three facts about eyesight

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    The sight is the most important perception of man. Although the general public takes good care of their eyesight. But there is still a misunderstanding About eye care in many respects This article presents some false beliefs. And three facts About our eyes

    False beliefs about eyesight

    Myth 1: My eyesight is damaged when sitting too close to the television set.
    As a child You might be warned that sitting too close to the television is damaging to your eyes. But this belief is a mistake. In fact, sitting close to watching television Does not hurt the eyes But the eyes may become tired When watching television for too long Or it may give you a headache. Use of computer And viewing three-dimensional movies Can affect the eyes in the same way If you can't avoid Spending a long time in front of a computer screen should rest your eyes at some point while working.

    Myth 2: Reading in the dark damages your eyesight.

    Many parents forbid their children from reading in dim light. Due to fear that it will adversely affect the eyesight But actually Reading in dim light does not have any negative effects on the eyes. It just makes it more difficult to read. People in the past used candles and lanterns. In reading books and working for hundreds of years Which these devices give less brightness than electricity today. But their eyesight was not bad. However, good light prevented eye fatigue. And make reading easier

    Myth 3: Wearing glasses makes you have to wear it forever.

    Glasses help adjust the vision that is not clearly visible. Wearing glasses helps to see better. But it doesn't make your eyes depend on glasses forever. Because the glasses do not modify any part of the eye Indeed, it is the wearer himself. Who are accustomed to clear vision when wearing glasses Likewise, wearing glasses that are unsuitable for eye conditions Does not damage the eyesight You just won't be able to see clearly. If wearing inappropriate glasses

    Eye facts

    Fact 1: Sweeteners increase the photosensitivity of the eyes.
    Consuming sweeteners such as cyclamates can make the eyes more sensitive to light, such as the use of antibiotics. Oral contraceptives Medicines to treat high blood pressure, diuretics, and diabetes drugs It can make the eyes more sensitive to light as well.

    Fact 2: Children with strabismus can be treated.
    Strabismus symptoms that occur in children. Can not recover by itself But can be cured by medical methods It's easier to treat symptoms. When the child is young, it is therefore recommended that parents take their child for an eye exam as an infant. And again at the age of two

    Fact 3: Carrots are good for eyesight.
    Carrots are rich in vitamin A. Which are nutrients that are important for the eyes Eating carrots It helps the body get a certain level of vitamin A. But vitamin A is found in many other foods, such as milk, cheese, egg yolks, and liver.

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