Pan dell n4110 có 3v5v, sụt 15v, kích tắt

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    Mã main da0v02mb6e1 có 3v5v, 15v sụt áp còn 7v
    do lỗi pq15

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    3D printing of human organs near reality


    Cystic fibrosis is the world's third leading cause of death, only in the European Union, costing more than 380 billion euros per year, or about 14 trillion baht for a number of chronic, untreated chronic diseases. And the only option for สมัครjoker terminally ill patients is lung transplantation. But there are not enough donors of the lungs to meet the needs.

    Sometimes there is news about 3D-printed organs. People think that machines can make implanted human organs available, but the reality is distant, the latest researchers at the University of Lund in Sweden come close to being. real After looking for ways to increase the amount of lungs that are ready for transplantation And one approach is to rebuild the lungs in the lab by combining the cells with bioengineering. Bioink design team for 3D printing of human tissues. The new bio-ink is created by combining two materials: The material obtained from kelp is alginate, a complex carbohydrate extracted from brown seaweed. And extracellular structures obtained from lung tissue

    The researchers revealed that applying a novel bio-inc to two types of stem cells isolated from the patient's airways, the researchers revealed. This allowed the researchers to print a tiny, multi-celled airway and remain open all the time. The new bio-inc. May enable multi-stage bioprinting to evolve into tissues. And can also be adapted to all types of tissues or organs It is expected that further technological improvements will allow higher resolution 3D biomaterials to be printed to create larger tissues in the future.

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