Macbook A1286 GPU disable to Intel VGA. No Edit EFI, No replace Gmux, No wires, no jumper

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    We are fix all A1286 disable GPU to Intel VGA with Program Gmux, No Edit EFI, No repalce Gmux, No wires, no jumper, Can Reset NVRAM, Re instant Mac OS OK.
    All Macbook A1398 2012 - 2016 by Hardware to Intel VGA card.
    Schematic (image) Disable GPU macbook A1398 with 3 jumper
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Discussion in 'Macbook' started by Admin, Apr 14, 2018.

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      I use a 2012 a1286 15” MacBook Pro. The 2011 models are much cheaper. It’s likely software support will be cut short for the 2012 models. The 2011 machines were already dropped a while ago. However, Nvidia discrete GPU in the 2012 models should allow for software patches to run the new OS. As a computer, the 2012 machines are decent. With more memory, a new battery, and an SSD, you’ll have a pretty nice laptop. The 15” models have quad-core processors while the 13” models have dual-core processors.

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