Laptop works on only dimm1 slot, laptop turn off immediately if ram inserted in dimm0

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    Problem: Laptop works on only one dimm1 slot, laptop turn off within a few seconds if ram inserted in dimm0

    Laptop: Dell 14r-5420 R08

    Board number: DA0R08MB6E2

    Counterparts was "Customers told that laptop has no issue as it is condition but if they need to increase RAM on another slot, laptop shut down immediately….PCH need to be replaced ." "It's broken? How much you charge for that? [​IMG]"

    I told customer “how you come to know that PCH is problem? ….reply was_ he visited repair shop and they replaced RAM, checked for corrosion even use a Multi meter to diagnose … then recommended, only go to there, where BGA Machine is available.

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