HP BIOS PROBLEM 15-ab126la

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    I tell you I have this equipment on the work table, when you turn on bios error 2 slow and 2 fast flashes ... hp in your error sheets reference is made to bios Well, I comment you bring a cFeon S64-104HIP, when trying to read it with the EZP2010 programmer does not recognize it .. I have another same registration, which if it is recognized. the original that does not recognize if it allows me to read it, so this same information extracted, pass it to the other one that I have with the same license plate, the curious thing is that when putting it on the computer it does not send any error LED it still does not give video ... Look for bios for DA0X21MB6D0 REV board version: D I have tested 4 models of the same board version device, I reprogrammed it in Winbond 25q64 ... the device does not send any errors, only with its original bios ... cFeon S64-104HIP ... I don't know if this chip has something special ... or something is escaping me ..

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