How to load the flour Not to hit the wall during the race "Run a marathon"

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    In addition to running training Eating or getting your energy ready before a long race is another equally important matter.

    Many distance runners have probably heard of each other. Before the half or full marathon Must load enough flour This concept is taken from the general body energy principle, the main energy source of marathon runners. It will come from flour and fat. What more will be used then It depends on the speed Or how hard we run If running fast, it will use a higher proportion of flour.

    Which in most races We will use the main flour. The starches we use are in the form of glycogen in the muscles and in the liver. If the glycogen is depleted We will have to switch to more fat. And the body has to work harder to convert fat into energy as well. This is where we start to "hit the wall", so loading enough powder. Will help us run according to the plan Without a wall to block

    As for the loading method, there are several recipes recommended. Some people pre-load weeks. Some people eat everything in their path to get enough energy, but how do they actually load them best?

    Wilson and his research team conducted a study on 46 marathon runners, collecting dietary data from three days prior to the race. Including various physical data as well. Found that the carbohydrate eaten on the day before the race. Until the morning of the race only In relation to the race time (Runners who eat more Doing better time) So during the 24-36 hours before the race, it will be golden time for us to start loading the powder

    The previous load is too long. In addition to causing unnecessary weight gain. (Remember to run and carry that extra weight 42.195 km) can also cause stomach upset.

    Food that we will eat during this time Is not going to be able to eat anything Just give me enough energy We don't need to eat more than usual. Just replacing most foods with 85-95% flour is fine, and it must be easily digestible flour, such as rice, white bread, etc.

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    It is advisable to finish eating a large meal at least 12 hours before the race to allow time for the body to completely convert starch to glycogen. And before the race for 3-4 hours, then add a small meal again.

    In a nutshell, when we start the 4am race, we should finish loading before 4 o'clock and wake up to eat again before running.

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