Behaviors that adversely affect oral health, Czech! Do you have these behaviors?

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    Oral health is one of the top concerns. Oral hygiene is generally simple. Just brush your teeth twice a day. Use dental floss regularly. And visit the dentist twice a year But one thing that people tend to overlook in oral and dental health care. As a result, the problem of the mouth and teeth is the behavior that adversely affects oral health. These are unconsciously But what about the behavior that can negatively affect your oral health? This joker123 wallet article has the answers for you.

    Behaviors that adversely affect oral health

    Drink fruit juice, colorful and beautiful.
    Even though a fruit blender that uses colorful ingredients It has nutritional value and is very good for physical health. But if taken into account with your dental health… maybe not, because this super-pigmented food can settle into a hard stain on the tooth surface.

    So when you drink a drink or a liquid food with a strong pigment like this, whether it's tea, coffee, or freshly colored fruit juice. We advise you to use a better tube. Your teeth will be exposed to the least amount of this pigment. When I said this Many people might think that If so, drinking water Slice of lemon or lemon added to add flavor and color is probably safer, but actually drinking this style of water. It is considered a behavior that negatively affects oral health as well. Because lime will produce acid that is as long as the enamel layer Can cause teeth erosion

    Refusing to brush your teeth before going to bed
    If there is any night when you are so tired and unbearable to brush your teeth Do not use dental floss. Or refusing to use mouthwash To take care of the health of teeth and gums and what it is That can be a bad habit. People tend to take more care of their oral hygiene in the morning. Because they want to look their best when going out At night, they tend to forget. Not properly caring for the oral cavity This behavior has a serious impact on oral health. Because it will cause acidity in the mouth Then causing a plaque to come up

    If you frequently forget to brush your teeth before going to bed, there is a risk of tooth decay, erosion, gum disease, and staining, so we recommend brushing your teeth every day. At least twice a day, just two minutes of brushing won't cost you much time, right?
    Not cleaning or replacing toothbrushes

    Please remember that A clean toothbrush can help heal teeth and gums, so after brushing your teeth, you should rinse your toothbrush thoroughly. And should change the toothbrush every three months, or when the bristles are deformed, look unclean, or when you get sick.
    If you use an electric toothbrush May need to be cleaned with ultraviolet light This ensures that no bacteria will escape to harm your oral health. Alternatively, use the method of soaking the brush head in mouthwash for 20 minutes.

    Postpone a dentist appointment
    We know that no one wants to see the dentist. Because most dentists tend to use tools that look scary. And very cruel to the mouth and teeth But you should know that Regular visits to the dentist It will help prevent oral health problems as well.

    Going to the dentist only when problems arise. Sometimes it might be too late. Most oral diseases, such as tooth decay, cancer, and gum disease often begin to develop quietly and show symptoms when it has advanced, so it's recommended that you see your dentist to check your oral health and teeth. Better than What is the problem so that you can pay a heavy paycheck to be light?

    Brush your teeth after drinking coffee immediately.
    We all know how horrible the tea and coffee stains on the teeth look. So we tend to think that brushing our teeth immediately after drinking tea and coffee. Will help prevent those ugly stains Which is fine… But it will hurt your teeth at the same time as these drinks are acidic. So if you clean up immediately Will damage the enamel layer as well

    Experts recommend waiting 30 minutes before brushing your teeth to restore the natural pH balance. Or if you really feel like cleaning up, rinse your mouth with clean water. Or a mouthwash with fluoride

    Drink a sports drink regularly.
    A sports drink can make many athletes feel energized in the blink of an eye. But when it comes to dental health ... This can be a serious threat to your oral health. Since these drinks can be surprisingly high in sugar, they are even more dangerous than regular soft drinks. Which these sugars are factors that can cause tooth decay So if anyone is really passionate about this drink, you should read the label on the bottle first. That there are amounts of sugar that are harmful to the health of your gums and teeth

    Drink wine
    Did you know that wine is rich in sugar? This puts you at high risk of tooth decay, and many people already know that dessert is a threat to dental health. However, they tend to ignore the sugars in beverages, especially wines. No one would have expected that There are 1.4 grams of sugar in a glass of wine, which gets stuck on the surface of your teeth when you drink it.
    Share toothbrushes with other people.

    As the world today is full of terrifying contagious diseases. We therefore believe that ... Surely no one would share a toothbrush with other people, even if they're in the same family. If anyone still does not know, then be aware that Our mouths act as a gateway to health. So who, if anyone else shares a toothbrush? Is equal to opening the door for various pathogens to destroy your health.
    In addition, in the toothbrush that we are using. It is also a source of bacteria, viruses and fungi. Which can cause many infectious diseases Therefore, do not share your toothbrush with anyone.

    Excessive brushing your teeth
    Brushing too hard is a common mistake, especially for people who use electric toothbrushes. The consequences include sweating, sensitivity to teeth, inflamed gums, and eroded tooth enamel. If you observe the toothbrush and find that Bristles are bent, not shaped, not out of shape. It means that you brush your teeth too hard.

    The solution is to not use force to brush your teeth. You should pay attention to regular and long brushing. Rather than focusing on using force in brushing teeth Remember that brushing your teeth every day is good hygiene. But the best way to remove stubborn stains and limestone is Go to the dentist to help manage it.

    Brush your teeth immediately after eating.
    This is similar to drinking tea and coffee. You should not brush your teeth right after eating. Because it can cause damage to the teeth. Because the food and beverages we consume today often have a low pH, it makes an acidic environment in the oral cavity.
    Therefore, we use a hard brush or exert too much force to brush our teeth. If you do dental work there is a risk of corrosion. It is best to wait 30 to 60 minutes for the oral pH to be normal first. Then gently brush your teeth

    Use teeth whitening products
    With the fact that anyone would want to have white teeth And nowadays, teeth whitening products can be purchased at most pharmacies. At an affordable price as well So people tend to buy one for themselves without being aware of the danger at all. Please know that Teeth whitening products that are seen are often not of high quality. And may damage the structure of the tooth as well Which, if overused, may cause tooth sensitivity Or the structure of the teeth can be changed forever So if talking about teeth whitening already It's best to seek help from a dentist.

    Do not use dental floss.
    Dental floss might not seem like a necessity for oral hygiene, but it's actually a very functional way to remove food debris from interdental areas. That's not enough Dental floss also helps prevent dental plaque from forming. That is a serious threat to dental health as well
    Removing plaque on a daily basis will help prevent tooth decay and gum disease. There is only one reason why you should not use dental floss. That is when the gums bleed. Which may cause that you do not use dental floss Because if you take care of the gums and teeth as well. Those symptoms will not occur.

    Do not clean the bleeding area.
    In general, bleeding from the body is an unhealthy sign. Even if there is scurvy as well It is even more important to take care of oral hygiene. Many people tend to avoid cleaning the bleeding area, although you actually need to pay more attention to cleanliness. Many people think that the bleeding is caused by brushing or brushing. Use dental floss When brushing your teeth, you don't touch in that area at all. And the longer it is left, the more bad consequences will follow
    This is because bleeding indicates that inflammation from various infections can escalate into a serious problem. If you are unsure of your symptoms Should consult a dentist Should not be left for a long time.
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