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    Bamboo shoots are young shoots of bamboo trees. That sprouted and separated from the bamboo Can eat Bamboo shoots are commonly used in various dishes due to their delicious taste. And has a high nutritional value

    Indications for use

    Bamboo shoots are used for

    Bamboo shoots are young shoots of bamboo trees. That sprouted and separated from the bamboo Can eat Bamboo shoots are commonly used in various dishes due to their delicious taste. And has a high nutritional value

    From time to time, bamboo shoots may be used as herbal remedies. To help treat conditions such as

    - asthma
    - Cough
    - bladder problems
    - Helps lower cholesterol (Cholesterol)
    - cure anorexia

    Further research studies on the therapeutic properties of bamboo shoots are still needed. However Bamboo shoots are still popular in being eaten. Because it is a vegetable that has a high nutritional value.

    Operation of bamboo shoots
    There is not enough information about how bamboo shoots work. However The bamboo shoots are high in fiber. Which can help reduce the absorption of fats and cholesterol Causing the cholesterol levels within the blood to decrease And can help solve problems with digestion In addition, bamboo shoots are foods that contain nutrients. High in vitamins and minerals Thus, it may be able to help replenish the nutrients that the body needs.

    Cautions and Warnings

    Things to know before using bamboo shoots
    Consult your doctor or pharmacist if

    - You are pregnant or breastfeeding Because while you are pregnant or breastfeeding You should only receive medications as directed by your doctor.
    - You have received another drug. Whether it is a prescription drug Medicines that can be bought, herbs, etc.
    - You have an allergy to substances from bamboo shoots. Or allergy to other drugs Or allergic to other herbs
    - You have an illness Have abnormal symptoms Or any other medical condition
    - You have various types of allergies, such as to food, food coloring, preservatives, meat.

    The regulations for herbs are less stringent than medicines. So you should study a lot for safety in use. And food consumption of bamboo shoots There should be more benefits than risks. For more information Please consult your doctor or pharmacist.

    Safety for pregnancy or breastfeeding
    There is no information on the safety of eating bamboo shoots during pregnancy and breastfeeding. For safety, eating should be avoided.

    Special precautions
    Patients with thyroid problems such as hypothyroidism deficiency. (Hypothyroidism) or thyroid tumor. Avoid eating bamboo shoots. Because it may make the symptoms worse

    Side effects
    Side effects of using bamboo shoots
    The bamboo shoots will be safe. If eaten in the amount that can be found in food There is no information on the safety of using bamboo shoots for medicinal purposes.

    Inside the raw bamboo shoots may contain substances that are toxic to the human body. Therefore, you should not eat raw bamboo shoots. But should be cooked for at least 20 minutes before eating. In addition, pickled bamboo shoots or bamboo shoots. There may be a problem with the contamination of toxins that can cause botulism (Botulism) should be cooked before eating.

    However, the side effects mentioned above. It may not happen to everyone. Or some people may have other side effects. If you have any questions about side effects Please consult your doctor or pharmacist.

    Drug reaction

    Interaction with other drugs
    Asparagus may interact with other medications you are taking. And may affect the action of the drug Or increase the risk of serious side effects To prevent problems that may arise You should also inform your doctor or pharmacist: What medications are you currently taking? Whether it is a prescription drug Medicines that can be bought by themselves, herbs

    For safety You should not start, stop, or change the dose on your own without your doctor's approval.

    Drug size
    The information contained herein is not a substitute for medical advice. Always consult with your doctor or pharmacist for more information.

    Dose of bamboo shoots
    The amount of use may vary from person to person. Depending on age Health and other factors Using bamboo shoots as an herb may not always be safe. Therefore should discuss the appropriate amount And how to use it safely from a doctor or pharmacist.

    Form of bamboo shoots
    - fresh bamboo shoots
    - Pickled Bamboo Shoots

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    طريقة جلي وتلميع الرخام

    طريقة جلي وتلميع الرخام نعلم أنها تهمك، فمنظر البقع وتراكم الأوساخ على الرخام شيء مزعج، لذلك سنقدم لك أفضل النصائح التي يمكنك من خلالها جلي وتلميع الرخام بأفضل صورة تحافظ عليه لأطول فترة ممكنة مع شركة جلي رخام بالاحساء .

    لماذا ننصحك بجلي وتلميع الرخام

    الرخام من الأحجار الجيرية الرائعة، حيث أنه لديه القدرة على الاتحاد مع عناصر الطبيعية فيكتسب النعومة، وللرخام ألوان متعددة واستخدامات كثيرة.

    الرخام يعطي للمكان رونقه الجميل ومنظره البديع، ولكن مع نمط الحياة اليومي تتعلق به الكثير من الشوائب والأوساخ والبقع التي تحتاج إلى التنظيف حتى يبقى دائمًا محتفظ بحالته الجيدة ونطيل من عمره الافتراضي .

    طريقة جلي الرخام
    • ننبهك أن عليك تنظيف الرخام بشكل سريع في حال انسكاب أي مشروب ساخن أو بارد عليه.
    • قم بجلي الرخام بقطعة من القماش الناعم المبللة بماء دافئ، ولا تضغط على الرخام ى لا يتعرض للاحتكاك.
    • من الممكن استخدام منظفات خاصة بالرخام حتى تحصل على تنظيف أعمق وأفضل.
    • ننصحك باستخدام قماش الشمواه فهو ينظف بأفضل صورة، ويحافظ على الرخام.
    • من الممكن استخدام نشا الذرة لجلي الرخام، لكن امتنع تمامًا عن استخدام الخل فقد يتلف الرخام ويتآكل بسببه.

    طريقة تلميع الرخام
    • قم بوضع ملمع الرخام مثل شركة جلي بلاط بالاحساء .
    • استخدم الصنفرة الخاصة لتلميع الرخام.
    • يتم التلميع بقطعة قماش ناعمة وبدقة بالغة.
    • لا تستخدم منظفات حمضية أو قوية في تلميع الرخام.
    • بعد تلميع الرخام بالملمع الخاص به ننصحك بتركه يجف لعدة ساعات، فلا تضع شيء عليه ولا تلمسه.
    • من الممكن أن تسأل ورش الرخام عن جهاز مخصص لتنظيف الرخام.
    شركة جلي رخام بالهفوف نتمنى أن نكون قد وضحنا طريقة جلي وتلميع الرخام بصورة جيدة، فقم دائمًا باتباع الخطوات والتحذيرات ولا تتغاضى عن النصائح حتى تحافظ على الرخام لأطول فترة ممكنة ويظل محتفظ باللون والملمس الناعم الذي يتميز به.


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