Acacia Mushroom Best Thai herbs that you should not miss.

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    Today I will bring you to know Another herb that has many medicinal properties. And can also cure cancer as well, that is, "Kracinphimarn mushroom" will have some properties. Let's go see it together.

    Get to know Phellinus igniarius
    Phellinus igniarius, the scientific name of Fomes rimosus in Thailand, is found in the Northeast. Born on the Kratin Phiman tree So it was called Acacia Mushrooms, Phiman itself. It is a schnitzel, about 8-10 meters high, with brown trunk The flowers are white and purple tassels. In the part of the mushroom is a round, thick, large flower, hard, wood-like flowers grow out of the stem in a semicircular lump.

    Can acacia mushroom help cure cancer or not?
    Acacia mushroom has properties in the fight against cancer. Due to the presence of polysaccharides (polysaccharide) helps fight many types of cancer, such as lung cancer, liver cancer and prostate cancer, etc. According to the herbal medicine textbook The roots and trees also help neutralize bites, snake venom, if the mushroom is mixed with alcohol and then drops the ears. Will help relieve ear pain Or an abscess in the ear as well
    Acacia mushroom, miraculous plant, high medicinal properties
    Acacia mushroom, in addition to having outstanding properties in cancer treatment, it can also treat other diseases as follows.

    - Snake Venom
    - liver disease
    - Gout
    - pressure
    - Reduce food pain
    - kidney disease
    - Rheumatoid arthritis
    - diabetes
    - Treatment of lymphatic drainage
    - Herpes
    - neutralize snake venom
    - Ear pain, an abscess in the ear
    - Snake
    - Reduce itchy rashes

    How to eat Acacia Piman mushrooms
    How to do it

    1. Slice Piman Mushroom into small pieces.
    2. Bring to a boil with water for 1-8 hours (use low heat).
    3. Filter out only the water to drink and eat.

    How to eat

    Drink on an empty stomach, in the morning, after waking up or after bedtime. By drinking 30 minutes before meals, in case of gastritis, drink 2 hours after meals.

    Start drinking small amounts during the first 2 weeks to help your body adjust by drinking it in combination with vitamin C or foods high in vitamin C. Will help the body absorb substances from the mushroom quickly

    How are you doing? Medicinal properties of the mushroom Acacia Piman can be called a real cure for various diseases. But despite how good the properties are We should study details and how to use them properly. For our good health

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