5 main reasons The weight after giving birth does not go away.

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    Many women may be afraid of getting pregnant because it can change your figure. It is well known that the woman after The majority of labor tend to be larger than the pre-pregnancy period. Additionally, many women experience weight loss after giving birth. That's a very serious matter, but it's okay. You're not the only one suffering from this issue in this article. Hello, the doctor questions why postpartum women's weight loss is so difficult.

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    The reason for the reduction Weight after birth Is difficult
    Each mother Has the ability to lose weight after giving birth to a child varies. There are many mothers who can lose weight. Until the rest was equal to the period before pregnancy as quickly as expected While some people take years to lose weight. In fact Some mothers still gain weight after pregnancy. Until becoming obese

    Losing weight is not easy. You may have to put in a lot of effort. To get back the same weight before pregnancy There are several factors. That may cause weight loss after pregnancy. Are difficult for you, including

    Stress and fatigue
    Both of these things are common among new parents in the first months after birth. Stress, and Fatigue is the trigger for you to increase your appetite. To power This is one of the reasons for your weight loss. It becomes difficult.

    Not getting enough rest
    Not getting enough sleep It can be a cause of stress and fatigue. Insufficient sleep interferes with the levels of hormones in the body that control appetite.

    Stress triggers the body to release the hormone cortisol, or the stress hormone. As a result, the metabolism in your body does not work very efficiently. When the body's metabolic system slows down, it makes More fat in the body In addition The cortisol levels in the body can rise if the mother is exercising too much.

    Do not exercise
    Not exercising Or hardly exercise at all, it opens up more opportunities for energy that has been accumulated in the body. And causes weight gain, it also slows down the metabolism of the body. Moreover Your body's metabolism also slows down with age.

    Fat accumulation after childbirth
    The mother's body accumulates fat before birth to prepare. Energy for breastfeeding This stored body fat will not go away easily. Especially If you are not breastfeeding

    This is consistent with La Leche League International data, indicating that self-breastfeeding mothers lose 6-7 kg per month in the first four to six months after giving birth. And after that, weight loss may slow down accordingly. As for those who breastfeed that milk powder The accumulated fat in the body may be more difficult to use and it will be harder to lose weight.

    It is also likely that You will gain weight from each pregnancy as well. If you are pregnant many times Your body will accumulate weight from each pregnancy. Which makes you lose weight Setting goals is more difficult to achieve.

    Body changes after delivery
    You may notice a significant change in your body shape after delivery. Which many people may complain that Why is the abdomen still not sagging as usual? Even after giving birth for at least 1-2 years, this problem can be caused by changes in the abdominal muscles after giving birth.

    Some women may have inherited inheritance. That can cause striped abdomen and skin sagging as well Which may seem faded But it might not disappear altogether. This can be caused by your skin losing its elasticity after delivery. Or with older age in order not to worsen these symptoms You may need to exercise regularly. Otherwise, the muscle tone. The tummy gets back into place, which can be difficult. And in addition to exercising regularly You may need to maintain and control your diet. Including getting enough sleep and rest

    In addition, excess diet and exercise should be avoided. Which may cause your body to be born Stress and can cause the body's metabolic rate to drop.

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